"Stillness and movement"
Ink which dances across spaces formed with washi paper;
Energy and tranquility; passion and the washi paper which binds these sensations together...

Michiko Bokka pursues "stillness and movement" throughout modern ink art.
At the moment of writing, the ink possesses passion, dancing and cutting across the white canvas of washi paper. Through the process of drying, the passion instilled in the ink regains stillness, ultimately creating a tranquil moment in time together with the washi paper.

As with her extensive previous work in ikebana flower arrangement, Michiko Bokka focuses on creating a work with reverberations that maintain the purity of spatial beauty and time. Through this modern ink art, she makes it possible to feel the fusion of ma, the concept of tranquil Japanese beauty, and the passionate and lively light of Andalusia, Spain. Michiko enjoys having her heart soothed by the tone of a jazz saxophone as she creates her ink art.

Artist Profile
While studying ikebana flower arrangement for 50 years, has recently begun working on modern ink art.
The name "Bokka" expresses the harmony created between ink and flowers.

Moved her base of activities to Andalusia, Spain in 2004. In addition to Spain, is also active in regions including Italy, America, and Japan.
At her exhibitions and demonstrations, she has received high acclaim for her collaboration of Japanese ikebana and modern ink art.
Her works decorate the mayor's office in Fuengirola, Spain, and are also coveted by art collectors in New York.

Recent and Upcoming Exhibitions

March 2014SpainMuseo de Fuengirola
April 2015SpainCastillo de Bil Bil
October 2015SpainCasa de la Cultura de Fuengirola
December 2015AmericaNY  Jadite Gallery
February 2016AmericaNY  Caelum Gallery
April 2016JapanTokyo  Chinzanso
September 2016AmericaNY  Caelum Gallery
March 2017AmericaNY  Caelum Gallery
July 2017SpainCentro de Arte de Benalmadena
October 2017AmericaNY  Caelum Gallery
March 2018JapanTokyo  Uematsu
September 2018SpainCasa de la Cultura de Fuengirola
October 2018AmericaNY  Caelum Gallery