What is Michiko Bokka?

“Michiko Bokka” is a general term for the innovative ink artwork of Michiko Iwakura, a Japanese flower arrangement and contemporary ink artist currently residing in Spain.
Bokka is a Japanese word that can be translated as “ink flower,” and evokes the image of a combination of Japanese ink and flower arrangement. Established on a foundation of more than fifty years of training in flower arrangement, it is a unique and innovative style of contemporary ink art that does not subscribe to a specific school of flower arrangement, and is free from the restraints of tradition. It has garnered attention in Japan, Spain, China, Italy, and the United States, spreading broadly the culture of Japan’s contemporary ink art.
The collaboration between Japanese flower arrangement and contemporary ink art is well-received at exhibits and demonstrations, and the works are highly praised by New York collectors as well.

A bridge between Japan and Spain

Attracted by Andalusia’s climate and the free-spirited, easy-going national character, Michiko acquired a resident visa and moved her home base to Spain in 2004. Living in Picasso’s birthplace Malaga, Andalusia, she has taken advantage of the opportunity to meet local bonsai enthusiasts and expand her reach through flower arrangement demonstrations, classes, etc.
Michiko’s work drew a record-breaking number of visitors and at a Japanese culture exhibition held in Fuengirola, Spain, and she has also contributed to activities for the 400th anniversary of the opening of diplomatic relations between Japan and Spain. Today, she continues to serve as a bridge between the two countries through her efforts in cultural exchange related to Japanese culture and art.

Artist Michiko

As an artist, Michiko is involved in a variety of artistic endeavors, including performing on the saxophone, participating in Latin dancing, and painting. Many young people are attracted by her vitality and sincere enjoyment of art, as well as her energetic and vivacious character.
At the heart of an artist is an indomitable spirit and the ability to “walk the walk,” as well as the ability to listen to others but never waver at the core; to “harmonize without conforming.” The light residing in the contemporary ink art of “Bokka” is a reflection of Michiko’s humanity, lifestyle, and life itself.